Gum boats

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BRIG foldable inflatable boats:

listajel DINGO: 6 models of Tenders from 2m to 3.3m length for outboards up to 15HP, with three types of flooring.
listajel BALTIC: 6 models of Sport boats from 2.65m to 4.6m length for outboards up to 35HP, with two types of flooring.
listajel ALPHA: 2 models of classical dinghy 2.1m and 2.4m length.

BRIG rigid inflatable boats:

listajel FALCON TENDERS: 4 models of RIB Tenders 2.75m, 3m, 3.3m, 3.6m length for outboards up to 30HP.
listajel FALCON RIDERS: 3 models of RIB Riders from 4m till 5m length for outboards up to 70HP in BASE, SPORT, DELUXE versions each.
listajel EAGLE: Luxe Cruising 5m and 6m long Ribs powered up to 150HP.

BRIG professional boats:

listajel RESCUE: 4 models of SOLAS approved Rescue boats with full SOLAS equipment set from 4m length for 6 persons till 4.6m for 8 persons.
listajel HEAVY-DUTY 2 models of working boats in 4.2 m & 4.6m length powered up to 50HP.

BRIG water fun:

listajel SHARKY models: 3 model for 2, 4, 6 persons