About Us

Varga & Társa Bt. has been founded in 1999 by Sandor Varga and his wife, when Mr. Sandor Varga has quitted from the concurrent company and sold his 50% of proprietary rights. With the experience of Mr. Varga the new company started in Keszthely, Martinovics street 42.

Our company is using the most advanced information systems (Partner Network), we are in direct contact with the computer system of Volvo Penta Central Europe GmbH. We can order directly according to the actual stocks and ship in 72 hours. We can provide any information regarding our products with the hand of our advanced software and give you consulting guidance.

The founders

Mrs. Varga has commercial qualification, Mr. Varga has technical, educational, concern management and quality engineer qualifications. Mr. Varga who manage the company and also take part in technical work participate on the theoretical and practical trainings since 1996 organized by Volvo Penta.


In acknowledgement of significant performance the company achieved the "A" certification by Volvo Penta, which authorize them to do everything what a Volvo Penta partner can do.

For appreciation of Sandor's work, he was invited to Kiel to the Volvo Ocean Race inbound feast in 2002 as a representative of the West-European market. Check pictures about the event here!


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